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    Ritual Play Training part 1 with Marina


    “The beauty of Ritual Play is that the participants learn how to play. That is huge. Generally when you are close to people physically and/or you are having sex, you have a goal. And everybody working with tantra and intimacy will say “don’t have a goal.” But nobody teaches you HOW to not have a goal, what to do instead. Ritual Play teaches you that. Plus, it is fun, really fun.” Dr.Betty Martin, sexuality and touch coach, practitioner trainer

    The Ritual Play structure was created by Marina Kronkvist as an alternative to the traditional giver-receiver dynamic used in touch-based sessions, like Tantra massage and other relaxing bodywork. The specific structure supports free-flowing two-way touch dynamic that honors both the practitioner and the client. The participants are invited, within a defined time and place, to drop their goals and instead engage in a “here and now”- dynamic that is unfolding moment by moment.

    Ritual Play used in a group setting, as during this weekend, is like a partnered practice similar to social meditation practices or a partnered yoga. We practice in duos, trios and solo.

    • Anyone who could enjoy learning a clear and engaging structure to use with friends, lover/s & partner/s
    • Professionals who see ways to enhance their work and to have a clear structure to use in your practice with clients & groups. This weekend is the first part of 3 if you want to officially incorporate Ritual Play into your work and become part of the Ritual Play professional community.

    Ritual Play offers a clear, repeatable format for an interactive, non-verbal, two-way touch dynamic that can be used:

    Between a practitioner and a client
    Between lovers
    Between friends
    Between long-term partners
    Between community-members in co-living situations
    Between participants in various events, groups and workshops

    The simple Ritual Play structure of 4 rules, 4 invitations, 1 mat and 1 starting technique (you’ll find them at: http://ritual-play.com/container-and-rules-for-ritual-play/) creates a safer container where somatic impulses & responses and their full range of emotions and expressions – tender, soft, distant, spicy, confronting, comforting, nurturing, erotic, hierarchical, silly, devotional – are invited to be owned, embodied and mindfully put to play in an interactive dynamic without a goal.

    Ritual Play is a practice for adults of all ages, all genders and all sexual orientations.

    Ritual Play is intimate in its invitation to non-verbal “in the moment”- realness.

    “I hold polyamory gatherings in my free time and have co-facilitated snuggle parties in the past. What I like about Ritual Play is that it has fewer rules than a cuddle party and offers a wider range of interaction among the people playing.” Richard of PolySaar, Germany


    1.Lots of experience playing in different Ritual Play variations so you learn to notice – trust – value and non-verbally communicate your self within this format

    2. We will deconstruct the Ritual Play structure so you’ll understand why it is designed as it is, so you can confidently present it to those you will play with further on

    3. Understanding how to implement two kinds of safety, for both you / the playpartner / the group: bodily safety (in relation to self in space) which is the base for a social safety (in relation to each other)

    4. Experience of Ritual Play encounters influenced by Intention and practices such as Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, Feldenkrais or BodyMindCentering somatic explorations, TRE (Trauma Release exercise) or other.

    5. Understanding of the nervous system functioning that is at play when we feel safe or threatened, including the new research on the Vagus Nerve complex.

    “The regulation goal for the autonomic system is not any specific point of arousal along the parasympathetic-sympathetic continuum. Rather the goal is flexibility, range, and versatility. Some situations require high parasympathetic tone (digesting), some high sympathetic tone (chopping wood), and some both simultaneously (play, sex). “Michael Samsel”

    OTHER RITUAL PLAY events 2019:
    Berlin August 31- 1 September https://www.facebook.com/events/1213514068854407/

    More about Ritual Play on www.ritual-play.com

    ~Marina Kronkvist, Finland~

    I love evolving mine and other’s abilities to engage in meaningful, mutually empowering, loving, somatic, full spectrum relations.

    Ritual Play is an interactive session format & workshop I created in 2012. Ritual Play is also my participatory art practice, my yoga & dance and my favorite social meditation.

    My intention is to empower lovers and change-makers, through Ritual Play and Transformational Coaching, in finding their own unique way of contributing to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

    In 2007 I published my book ‘Hon som fick veta’ (She Knows). I wanted it to be a book for children, instead it became a book written by a child. In the story, a little girl knows that her parents will die soon. Accepting that she knows intensifies life and time. The story is also my story, it is about the gifts and pains I have integrated from the experience of death in my family at a very early age. Loving Play is the gift.

    I have a MA on the subject of Sexuality as Art (2013) and a BA in Aesthetics and Embodiment from Helsinki University. My license for sexual education is from the Sexsibility Coach Training Program in Stockholm, Sweden. With The Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute have I studied body-based treatments to trauma. And Margret M. Lynch has certified me as a Tapping into Wealth Transformational coach in 2014. Latest additions to my skill set is Erotic Blueprint Coaching (2017), Marisa Peer Method RTT Hypnotherapy (2018) and Wheel of Consent Practitioner in 2019.

    I’m a co-founder of the Solbacka eco-village in South of Finland where i (part-time) live, love and grow with my two children and the rest of the community. www.solbackaexperience.com


    Practical details

    Early Bird for 10 first: 248 euros
    After: 288 euros
    Food & Accommodation: 160€
    Training dates: 8 – 10 November 2019
    Training hours: Saturday 10-21, Sunday 10-17
    You can arrive to Elontuli on Friday at 17 o’clock and settle in. We have dinner at 18 o’clock
    Workshop language: English
    REGISTRATION: ”respond going” to receive payment details and email marina.kronkvist@gmail.com

    Ritual Play Training part 1&2 with Marina

    18:00 -17:00

    For movement, touch, body & sexuality professionals  

    Intention with offering this complete Ritual Play training is to provide an option for participants travelling longer distances .

    Read about the first part of the training here. The content will be the same.

    Read about the second part of the training here. The online training part will be adapted to fit this time frame. There will be 4 group calls before the retreat. After the retreat there will be practice client assignments to complete. And 1 group call.

    Practical details:

    Training Investment: 1500 euros. Includes VAT 24% for non-business participants. For businesses in EU (outside of Finland) reverse charge VAT apply and the amount for you will be the same.

    Food & Accommodation:  80 euro / night in 2-3 person rooms. Delicious vegetarian food 3 times/ day and sauna by the lake. For a single room the fee is 120 euro / night.

    Event Address: Elontuli course center, Merkniementie 94, Karjalohja, Finland

    Training dates: In-person residential 8-12 November + 5 online zoom classes ( Midday 12pm Finland time, Wednesday 16 October, Mondays 21, 28 October, 4 November )

    Training hours: Friday 8th: 18 – 20, Saturday 10 -21, Sunday 10-17, Monday 10-20, Tuesday 10- 17

    Workshop language: English


    REGISTER by sending an email to marina.kronkvist@gmail.com

    Welcome to also book a FREE INTEREST CALL with me to make sure that this is a fit.