Blossoming 2018

Greetings, friend of Elontuli!

During the past two years Elontuli -cource center has become a source of wellbeing which is open for everybody. Elontuli creates activity which helps people to return to their own bodies and bring love and inspiration into their lives. Its a place where you find wellbeing of the body and piece of mind – something more real. In Elontuli you can find your own path in life and create something new.

Elontuli is flowering now and the next goal is that its blossoming.

We have launched a project called “Blossoming 2018”. The goal is to bring balance to Elontuli’s financial situation and move towards relieving Elontuli’s full potential for the joy of all of us.

Blossoming 2018 -project includes e.g
-group funding campaign
-creating welthwear days for companies to Elontuli
-creating new cources and training programmes
-participating in to projects which support young adults and families
-something we dont know yet – maybe you have an idea which you would love to share with us !

In this letter we wish to invite you to participate in the group funding campaign!

Background facts:

When the building project of Elontuli was delayed in 2014 e.g due to some construction defects we were facing serious financial challenges and the building project was in danger to fail. Many construction companies helped us by giving credit for the construction payments. Also many friends gave their help by lending large amounts of money. This economical support and countless hours of volunteer work made it possible to go through this challanging situation and finish building the Elontuli course center. We are grateful for it!

Current situation:

We have done a thorough clarification of the economical situation and a profit forecast with a business consultant. The past year showed a very good business turnover for Elontuli and this year appears to be even better.
The profits have been possible only because Elontuli is still running totally by volunteer work – no one is getting paid for their work.

Group funding campaign:

The goal of the group funding is to receive support from the “friends of Elontuli” so that we would be able to lighten the debts to the people who have lent big amounts of money. This project will run till the end of June 2017.

How to participate?

Here we summarize the different possibilities to offer your help:

1.You can make an advance payment to be used in Elontuli during the years 2018-2020 with the amount of money that you wish to. How to do it: Inform us about the amount you want to pay and make the money transfer to Elontuli account. Write in the note section your name and “Advance 2018-2020”

2. You can lend us interest free loan for example from 100e to 1000 e for example for 3 to 5 years. How to do it: Contact Sudeva and make an agreement about the amount you want to lend and to prepare the promissory note.

3. You can donate a wished amount to support Elontuli. How to do it: Inform us about the amount of your donation and make a money transfer to Elontuli bank account. When you pay write in the note section your name and “Support donation”.

4. You can gift an advance course fee to person in economically challenging situation. How to do it: Inform us about the amount you want to gift and make the money transfer to Elontuli account. Write in the note section your name and “Gift card”

5. You can spread and share our “Blossoming 2018” facebook event to your contacts and increase the blossoming of Elontuli.

Payment information:
IBAN: FI5052360420100195
Receipent: Hyvän Olon Keskus Elontuli Oy

Economical background:

We have invested 500 000 euros to Elontuli. Also we have a 500 000 euro loan from the bank.

The overall need for the funding is around 266 000 euros, including both the debts to our friends and the construction bills.

It is big money, but small water drops make a big river together.

For example if 1000 people offers 100 euros = 100 000 e
For example if 1000 people offers 250 euros = 250 000 e
For example if 250 people offers 1000 euros = 250 000 e

You are warmly welcome to participate in the group funding campaign of Elontuli’s “Blossoming 2018” project in a way most suitable for you.
Your participation also increases the well-being of yourself and fellow people around you.

We will be activily making personal networking about the Blossoming 2018 project. You can follow the progress of the campaign on Elontuli’s webpage and in the Facebook event called Elontuli “Blossoming 2018”.

Join us together to create something bigger !

Elontuli’s group funding team welcomes you warmly: Sudeva Huhtamäki, Pragita Teerisuo, Mariel Mansoniemi, Ville Aho, Thomas Perret, Viivi Hentinen, Elona Ilkka ja Susanna Valtanen

Pragita 050 5575563 ja Sudeva 050 5834473,,