Deep Breathing

Towards joy and freedom

Most of us can breathe deeply after we’ve been born. It is natural. The whole body of a baby is breathing. Even many kids still breathe naturally, but the more we grow the more superficial breathing gets. Traumatic experiences we can’t deal with are stored in our body as tension, making our living space smaller. We lose the ability to be spontaneous and breathe naturally.

Deep breathing is a key back to natural breathing. When we start to breathe deeply, many things such as memories, fears and feelings arise from our unconscious. In order to move forward we should dive into the old situations on emotional level and face them again. This opens up the possibility for healing. Human being is like an onion: with breathing we go deeper layer by layer.

We often try to solve our problems by breathing less. Superficial breathing protects us from difficult emotions. At the same time also the scale of positive feelings becomes smaller. We breathe less and live less. A person who breathes deep, lives life to the fullest. A naturally breathing person can’t be depressed, because the whole scale of emotions is available. Everything in the person is in a state of flow.

In breathing groups we laugh a lot despite going through painful experiences. Everything connected to the human psyche is absurd and even funny. Natural breathing brings joy, space and freedom into life.

Life can change

We live in an achievement focused world. Even breathing can become an achievement. We study different techniques to become better breathers. When a new technique is forced on a bad breathing technique, the situation easily just gets worse. Then it’s even more difficult to find your own, natural breathing. In deep breathing the diaphragm expands freely towards the abdomen, massaging the organs. Oxygen nourishes the whole body. The stomach of a person breathing deeply is relaxed and round. When the breathing becomes truly deeper, life can be transformed. It is easier to accept yourself and your body as they are. It is accepting your own humanity. We become more alive. With expanding self-knowledge, it’s possible to choose things in your life you really love. Breathing moves towards that which is true in a person.




The art and science of inner transformation by energy oriented body- and breath therapy is essential part of professional therapy today! A deep understanding of breath for healing, wellbeing, loving relationships and spiritual awakening is of great importance.

Knowing the breath you know the secret of life! From native wisdom to spiritual practice breath is recognized as the great force in existence. In many languages the word for breathing is synonymous with life itself.


Diamond Breath° is a merger of Western therapy and Eastern meditation. It is rooted in the Psychology of the Buddha’s – the art of living totally and consciously. By shifting the focus of therapy from mind to meditation it opens for your inner world.

Deep conscious breathing is a way to enhance the capacity to relax and to enjoy life. The training teaches skills to work with the power of breath. It makes your own transformation the foundation of working with people.


You learn a variety of therapeutic, hypnotic and meditative breathing techniques to support great being and inner transformation. Dynamic Breath Integration allows you to grow from the roots in your body to the flowering of your soul.

Trance Energetic Breathing is a key in this process. It combines the healing magic of therapeutic trance, vitalizing energy and conscious breathing. You connect to forgotten energies and reintegrate them into your life.


The Way of the Breath gives you an authentic understanding of the breath energy flow and opens for transpersonal experiences. Combined with Cranio Sacral Resonance work you discover a great way to heal and love yourself and to balance your nervous system. In each part we will add this strong work for our participants.

You learn a beautiful therapeutic method for stress release, holistic healing and inner transformation. In a process of teaching, self-discovery and practicing you learn through your self-experience to support others to take a fresh breath into life.

The training has 3 modules each focusing on one area of special breath work.

Conscious Breathing and Body-Mind Therapy

Conscious Breathing allows you to experience your body, mind, heart and soul. You learn to clear your mind, to express your emotions and the tensions in your body and finally to love yourself. You heal yourself!

As a result you become more healthy, joyful, creative and meditative. Negative breathing patterns disappear and with the help of Body-Mind Therapy you open for the flow of your bio-energy. By balancing your emotions the heart naturally finds its inner freedom. Meditations, grounding exercises and massage support this healing process.

You learn:
-Bio-energetic exercises
-Dynamic Tension Release
-Conscious Breathing 1
-Body-Mind Therapy 1
-Grounding exercises
-Massage techniques
-The Art of Meditation 1

Conscious Breathing and Birth Integration

Tantric Breathing, Birth Integration and Trauma Healing

Here you learn to facilitate breath therapy for the healing of birth related stress, trauma and anxiety. You learn to expand your breathing into the belly and further on into the pelvis to open for your sexual energy flow.

You work with unresolved mother issues and get a positive experience of bonding in love and intimacy. It is learning to “come out” in life with growing trust and inner harmony.

PART 3: LOVE – THE INNER BREATH by Devapath and Nalini

Conscious Breathing and the Dance of Conception

Your life depends on the waves of energy created by your breathing. The way you breathe you grow in love and live your relationships. Your body-mind carries all the memories of your life experiences. The moment of your life’s creation left the first imprint in your breath and energy-body.

Prenatal Healing allows you to explore prenatal life all the way back to the Dance of Conception. When love becomes your inner breath you move beyond the circle of life and death. In meditation you reconnect to the Cosmic Breath. You become a master of breath!

You learn:
-Conscious Breathing 
-Body-Mind Therapy 
-Prenatal Healing
-The Dance of Conception
-Journey to your last Death
-The Art of Meditation