Tantra For Couples Part 2

29/01/2021 17:00 - 31/01/2021 18:00
Elontuli Kurssikeskus
Address: Merkniementie 94, 09120 Karjalohja (Lohja)

This course is in finnish, but translated in english if needed.

With Coupletantra 2, we deepen our understanding of the body’s energy centers, the Chakras, and the tantric energy cycle. This weekend is a whole new adventure for your body and partner.

This course we only accept couples.

Life as a couple and as a family brings up many challenges nowadays. The intensivity and limitless possibilities are driving us into separate directions easily. Tantracourse has been created to bring more joy, pleasure and deeper connection into the relationship- not to forget the playfullness.  We create a supportive atmosphere where each couple can focus on deepening their relationship. We can find also new ways how to meet our partner in connection and intimate life. For us tantra is pleasure of the body, relaxing and becoming sensitive in many different ways without pressure and demands. With tantric exercises we learn how to approve ourselves as we are; feeling and sexual beings. We learn how to love and listen to our bodies. Tantra helps us to enjoy our energy, ourselves and our partners. We can find new understanding, pleasure, approval to our dailylife and relationships by using the method of tantra. You do not need previous experience in similar work. Whether it is a relationship in the beginning, on the hills of happiness, crumbling on the brink of divorce … or something in between, you will be helped to create a new connection with your partner and wonderful exercises to take home.

In the tantra course we:

  • find a new connection with our partner
  • find ability for deeply loving intimacy
  • use breath for energising and empowering our lives
  • move towards ecstasy of our bodies
  • search for healthy boundaries and good communication

Course trainers Sudeva and Pragita

More information about the course leaders (Sudeva and Pragita) can be found in the section Trainers.

Price and booking

Price for the course is 340 €/person. You can also pay the course in two parts, first part is 150€/person.
Price includes accommodation and food.

Couples who have already attended the Coupletantra 2, may come to rehearse for the price of 160 € / person for Full board. Nice if you email or call us if you are interested in this option.

Shortage of money? If you have a shortage of money and still really want to get involved, contact us. We can agree on an individual payment arrangement

More information about tantra and bookings.


Inquiries and registrations: Pragita 050 5575563, Sudeva 050 5834473, elontuli@elontuli.fi

A warm welcome to join !!

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  • 12/11/2021 17:30 - 14/11/2021 17:00

    This training will be in English (and in Finnish if needed.)

    The 7th Chakra weekend is all about superconsciousness. We will meet our inner guru and let our light and shadows merge together. 7th chakra also includes all the other chakras, so you'll get to activate all of your chakrasystem.

    Normally, people use a very small percentage of their brain capacity. When right and left sides of the brain merge, the mid brain goes through a sudden awakening, as all the ‘lights’ get switched on. This leads to the experience known as Mahamudra, the ultimate orgasm with the universe. Such experience takes us beyond duality into oneness with all that is. We move from personal love, into universal love.

    The energy from this chakra radiates down through the whole body, through the central channel. Here is the union of inner male and female aspects, in perfect balance and attunement.

    Out of Balance: Confused as to life purpose and meaning, cut off from source, feeling like an island in a hostile world.

    In Balance: Merging into universal consciousness, an open conduit for the descent of grace, verticality is natural. Sexually, this chakra brings a feeling of being one with the lover on all levels, one with the whole universe and the discovery of the cosmic orgasm.

    Our workshop is open to singles and couples. All genders are welcome.

    Sex to Superconsciousness is a tantra journey through 7 chakras. You can join in at any stage of the journey and you can also come for just one workshop.

    Each unique weekend dives deeply into the essence of one chakra. This enlivening process helps us to overcome our conditioning and to evolve on a personal, sexual and spiritual level. Bringing each chakra into balance produces ecstasy and ease in our life. We feel empowered, awakened and creative.

    This is a group from



    Kirsti Kuosmanen

    Kirsti is a vibrant, passionate teacher and in her work she wants to encourage people to reclaim their power, creativity, freedom and love - their true authentic self. She is working as a tantra teacher, an actress, a psychotherapist and as a sex, love and relationship coach.


    Jonathan Clarke

    Jonathan Clarke is a passionate teacher of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation and Skilled Body Worker. Jonathan has also raised two children and spent 27 years in Business. This gives him a deep empathy with those integrating a spiritual practice with everyday life. He uses movement, breath and pleasure to help students walk an embodied path of self-development and connection with spirit.


    Price: 400e, food and accommodation 180€, training 220€ (incl. tax 24%/ businesses: + 24%tax)
    Early Bird price available until September 30th 380e ( 180e+ 200e)

    Place: Elontuli Center

    Time: Novembet 12.14th, 2021

    On Friday group starts at 6.30pm ( dinner at 5.30pm) and we finish on Sunday at 5pm

    For booking and further information:
    Anu Maria Eerikäinen
    (tel. +358 407773236)

    You are warmly welcome!