Biodynamic Craniosacraltherapist -training Part 1

17/02/2021 17:00 - 21/02/2021 18:00
Elontuli Kurssikeskus
Address: Merkniementie 94, 09120 Karjalohja (Lohja)

Biodynamic craniosacral is a holistic and gentle method. It is based on the understanding that the same force and wisdom which has created our perfect bodies organizes, fixes and takes care of our body through our entire lives. Biodynamic craniosacral treatment supports and strenghtens this inner force. It gives support to balance on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. It helps the system to return into the natural, original state of balance.

The therapist focuses to remain in a state of neutrality. The therapist does not act from the outside but rather listens and supports the systems own process of re-organization. This gives the possibility for the body to start using it’s own healing and reparing resources. Biodynamic craniosacral is based on research on the human anatomy, physilogy and modern neurobiology. The people participating get a deep understanding about health and healing processes. They learn that the presence of the therapist is a key factor in the clearing and healing process.


Chintan Veet has experienced in his own life how tremendous the body’s capacity is to repair and heal. His own process led him to embark on a long exploration into body therapy. Very quickly, he became a skilled body therapist and a teacher of Rebalancing. Rebalancing is a deep muscular massage that is intended to include: restores body balance. Rebalancing gave him a deep understanding of human structure. Next, he studied craniosacral therapy. This new approach gave him a broader dimension and a new understanding.

Chintan was one of the founders of Craniosacral Resonance in 2001. Since then, he has led international Craniosacral Resonance seminars and trainings. He provides personalized Craniosacral Resonance treatments
and leads Craniosacral Resonance training in Europe, Taiwan and China. He is known for the good quality of his treatments and his clients’ deep and careful understanding.

It’s also worth a look at the introduction video to get a feel for Chintan and Kranio’s work.


If you want the certificate to be able to offer the sessions to people the program also includes independent practice and practising sessions. You can also participate only for the basic modules and do the training as your own process.


– Lectures
– Questions and answers
– Demonstrations
– Practising with teachers
– Guided meditations
– Sharing in small groups

In total 180 hours.

Practice and own studies in between

– 50 documented practice sessions
– Giving and receiving 15 sessions inside the group. These can be a part of the 50 practice sessions
– Giving 2 practice sessions to the teacher ( price 100e / session )
– Receiving 3 sessions from the teacher ( price 100e / session)
– Given homework

In total 100 hours


Part 1: 17 – 21.2.2021
Part 2: 11 – 16.5.2021

The rest of the training periods will be completed as they are confirmed.


You can arrive on Wednesday at 17.00 – 17.30.
Dinner at 17.30.
Course ends on Sunday at the latest 18.00.


The training is divided into 5 modules that all last for 4-5 days. A period of 4 days costs 680€ per module and 5 days periods is 800€ per module. You can participate in the first one and then decide if you want to continue. Price includes accommodation and food.


First, please ensure there is space in the course/group you are attending, by contacting us.Pay the course payment (or the first part of the payment) to Elontuli account:

Company: Hyvän Olon Keskus Elontuli Oy
IBAN: FI50 5236 0420 1001 95
Bank: Länsi-Uudenmaan osuuspankki
Adress: Kauppakatu 13, 06100 Lohja.

By paying the first part you commit to pay the whole payment. Please write in the payment notes the name and date of the course (Cranio Part 1: 17-21.2.2021). Put also your name in the payment notes, if the payer is a company, or the payer is a different person than the participant. By paying the first part of the payment you commit to participate and pay the whole group price. The payment is non-refundable except in cases of injury or illness (doctor’s statement required).

If you are interested, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to provide more information about the training.

A warm welcome to join !!

Additional information: Pragita +35850 5575563 and Sudeva +35850 5834473