Osho Meditation training with Shunyo 2 – 5.1.2021 and Active Meditation 5 – 7.1.2021

02/01/2021 12:00 - 07/01/2021 18:00
Elontuli Kurssikeskus
Address: Merkniementie 94, 09120 Karjalohja (Lohja)

“The best way to learn is to teach”, and this is true about everything, including meditation.

This Training is not only for you if you wish to teach Osho’s meditations in a professional way, or simply to share with friends or family; it is also for your own meditation to go deeper. Although there will be some theory and enquiry into the science of meditation, this is an experiential Training and we will be meditating together each day.

You will learn how to share the almost inexpressible experience of meditation through your own practice. Your confidence in your own meditation comes through practice and encouragement as you learn how to answer questions and counsel others about their meditation.

There is a possibility for you to be filmed presenting a meditation and to see the playback with encouraging feedback from yourself and others. This is usually a very positive experience and boosts your self-confidence.

We will be practicing not only OSHO’s active meditations but also techniques to take into daily life. To share meditation with others is a gift and a great joy, and so much needed in the world today.



2 – 7.1.2021

Open secrets of Meditation

The secrets of meditation are so obvious yet people cannot see, so it remains a secret and yet it is open for all. In this workshop we look at different devices to bring us into the moment with joy and relaxation.

Meditation simply means your body, your mind and your soul are all functioning in harmony, in such wholeness that they are in a melody. This course is a training for life, as meditation is not something to be done once a day, but it can become a part of our everyday activities. It is a way of living – living in awareness and joy. Some of the techniques are active and some are passive – done alone, and silent, and some are done with a partner.

Music combined with Meditation, creates a form of healing that can help students in a physical, mental and emotional way. We will be using music and sounds in different ways: including chanting and humming together, relaxing while music plays, and using various movement and exercises with music as the catalyst. With live music and dance as part of the course it lends a joyful approach to meditation and takes us deeper into a relaxing and loving experience.

TRAINEES Prem Shunyo and Veet Marco

Their website meditantra


The whole event 800€ / Early bird price 750€ (paying before 2.11.2010)

Or 360€ / training or meditation / Early bird price 330€ (paying before 2.11.2020)

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