Sex to Superconsciousness – Third Eye

15/05/2020 18:30 - 17/05/2020 17:00
Elontuli Kurssikeskus
Address: Merkniementie 94, 09120 Karjalohja (Lohja)

Training will be in English and in Finnish if needed.

During the Third Eye Chakra weekend we work with psychic opening and the phenomenon of clairvoyance. This dormant gift is easily awakened when we allow ourselves to surrender to cosmic consciousness. Through meditation, we can learn to melt into the void where the vastness of the soul gives birth to all wisdom.

The interconnectedness of all things becomes apparent. You become wise and centered. Past and future no longer pray your mind. You become silent, serene and able to live this moment as an aware being. Your genius is awakened. The experience of enlightment is a flash of light joining the right and left hemispheres. We are merging our inner masculine and inner feminine, left and right hemisphere of our brain. As we apply soul awareness to our daily life, every aspect of life is revealed as divine.

6th chakra out of Balance: Spiritual sleep, not aware of the tremendous potential of life, insomnia, fear of death, phobias, psychosis, lethargy, and stress.

6th chakra in Balance: Intuitive, in tune with the rhythm of life, balanced sleeping and waking, clear sense of direction in life, and sexually, orgasm be-yond time and mind, with a sense of unity, body and soul. A propensity to be a healer and or a deep meditator arises from here.

In Third Eye chakra weekend we invite you through many different practices, shamanic journeying, meditations , sensorial exploration of dance, emotional release, massage, group sharing and rituals, one peak experience being the ” Darkness”-party where we will dance, celebrate and meditate in darkness.

Our workshop is open to singles and couples. You can come also with same sex partner.
We do like to have an equal number of males and females to bring about a balance in masculine and feminine energy work.

During each weekend, we will explore one chakra, taking 7 weekends to complete the whole journey. You are not obliged to attend the chakra weekends in any particular order and you can come for just one workshop, you don’t have to do all 7. The workshop weekends are every 3-4 months.

This is a group from

FACILITATORS Kirsti Kuosmanen and Jonathan Clarke

Kirsti Kuosmanen is a vibrant, passionate teacher and in her work she wants to encourage people to reclaim their power, creativity, freedom and love – their true authentic self. She is working as a tantra teacher, an actress, a psychotherapist and as a sex, love and relationship coach.

Jonathan Clarke is a passionate teacher of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation and Skilled Body Worker. Jonathan has also raised two children and spent 27 years in Business. This gives him a deep empathy with those integrating a spiritual practice with everyday life. He uses movement, breath and pleasure to help students walk an embodied path of self-development and connection with spirit.

On Friday group starts at 18.30 and we finish on Sunday at 17.00


Price: 380€, food and accommondation 160€, training 220€ (incl tax 24%/ businesses +tax)
Early Bird price 360€ (160€+ 200€) until 15th April 2020

For booking and further information:
Anu Maria Eerikäinen
(tel. +358 407773236)

You are warmly welcome!