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We have been on the path of deep breathing, tantra, music and meditation for over 20 years as a pioneer Indian mystic named Osho. With this journey of self-knowledge, we have for decades shared our experience with deep breathing and tantric courses with others. We have lived 18 years of family life and relationship school with one another. Music, Sudeva playing the piano and Pragita singing, and the related teaching, are also an important part of our lives.

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  • 02/08/2020 17:00 - 09/08/2020 18:00

    Conscious Breathing and Body-Mind Therapy

    The training takes place in Finnish and, if necessary, in English.

    Breath therapist training is a growth process aimed at self-awareness and well-being. You can do the training only for your own well-being or to become a qualified professional. If you wish, you can only join this first week of training: BREATHING INTO LIFE. It really is a body-opening, relaxing and life-changing week!

    Most of us can breathe deeply after we’ve been born. It is natural. The whole body of a baby is breathing. Even many kids still breathe naturally, but the more we grow the more superficial breathing gets. Traumatic experiences we can’t deal with are stored in our body as tension, making our living space smaller. We lose the ability to be spontaneous and breathe naturally.

    Deep breathing is a key back to natural breathing. When we start to breathe deeply, many things such as memories, fears and feelings arise from our unconscious. In order to move forward we should dive into the old situations on emotional level and face them again. This opens up the possibility for healing. Human being is like an onion: with breathing we go deeper layer by layer.

    We often try to solve our problems by breathing less. Superficial breathing protects us from difficult emotions. At the same time also the scale of positive feelings becomes smaller. We breathe less and live less. A person who breathes deep, lives life to the fullest. A naturally breathing person can’t be depressed, because the whole scale of emotions is available. Everything in the person is in a state of flow.

    In breathing groups we laugh a lot despite going through painful experiences. Everything connected to the human psyche is absurd and even funny. Natural breathing brings joy, space and freedom into life.


    The art and science of inner transformation by energy oriented body- and breath therapy is essential part of professional therapy today! A deep understanding of breath for healing, wellbeing, loving relationships and spiritual awakening is of great importance. Knowing the breath you know the secret of life! From native wisdom to spiritual practice breath is recognized as the great force in existence. In many languages the word for breathing is synonymous with life itself.


    Week 1: BREATHING INTO LIFE 2-9.8.2020

    Trained by Pragita and Sudeva

    This week we are helping the body to land. We use intense deep breathing, body therapy, bioenergetic exercises and active meditations to open our breath and body. We release the body from stress and muscle tension. You will learn to become aware of your breathing, its rhythm and variability. You will become familiar with the four breathing centers of your body.

    Week 2: BORN IN LOVE 9-16.12.2020

    Trained by Dwari

    This week, you will learn how to use deep breathing to get rid of traumas during the birth and early stages. With a healing birth experience, you will learn to create new kinds of positive bonds in your relationships. You can create new confidence in life. Deep breathing allows you to reconnect with diaphragmatic and abdominal breathing. They allow you to release the flow of sexual energy in your body. You will find a new kind of pleasure and love for yourself and your own body.


    Trained by Pragita and Sudeva

    This week, we’re exploring being on the edge of life. We start with prenatal time and fertilization. From there we continue our journey to the other extreme to the gate of death.
    We learn to open up to the mystery of life and the potential gift that death can bring to our lives. Nothing can make clearer the importance of experiencing love, compassion, and awareness in our lives than the fact that we are not here forever.

    The skill of death is the ability to let go and live in the present moment as if it were our last moment. With this understanding, we are free to live to the fullest - free to breathe deeply. We know what is important and what is not. When we allow the awareness of mortality to guide us through life, it guides us toward who we really are and what is immortal in us.


    The FIRST PHASE includes three weeks: 1. Breathing into Life, 2. Being Born into Love, and 3. Journey to the End of Life - The Touching Point of Death to Life.

    You go through a journey of personal growth and self-awareness. You release your body from emotional load and tension through deep breathing, bioenergetics and active meditations.

    IN THE SECOND PHASE OF INTERSHIP, you will go through the same three-week training process again. You are partly in the role of facilitator and partly in the role of participant. There is an hourly lecture daily on body types and group situations. You will also practice leading active meditations.

    IN THE THIRD ASSISTANT PHASE: you participate in the same three-week training process in the training of activities as an assistant. It is a training phase at work. There is an hourly meeting each day to discuss the dynamics of the group.

    GROUP LEADERS Pragita and Sudeva


    Group starts at 18.00 on Sunday and ends at 17.00 on Sunday


    Check the registration instructions at the registration page.

    It is now possible to join with early early bird (980e) until 5.7.2020. We still have an early bird (1050e) until July 15, 2020. The normal price for training is 1150e. If you attend to Internship or Assistant training, the early early bird fee is 750e, until 5.7.2020. Early bird price is 800e until15.7.2020. After that, the price is 900e.

    SHORT OF THE MONEY ??? !!! If you are short of money and still really want to participate, please contact us. For example, we can agree you to pay in smaller installments.


    Elontuli Oy is the organizer of the breath therapist training and the training is held at the Elontuli course centre, Karjalohja, 90 km from Helsinki. The street address of the course center is Merkniementie 94 Karjalohja / Lohja.

    If you are interested, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to provide more information about the training.

    A warm welcome to join !! Additional information: Pragita +35850 5575563 and Sudeva +35850 5834473,