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Kehto Koulu: Free road module 9

19 – 21.1.2018

Kehto Koulu is a modern spiritual school which is gives people power and courage to explore themselves as whole, live consciously in the everyday life and find their own true voice. The most important part of Kehto Koulu is the Free road learning and growth programme. The training is a deep journey into the connection with one self and with the other.


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Family constelation with Dwari 8-11.2.2018

Family Constellation is a powerful method for recognizing family entanglements. Most often unexpected, solution-oriented interventions bring relaxation and understanding in deep human problem situations and allow love to flow again between the members of the family system. Like in any other system, there are laws operating in a family system which guide the individual’s behaviour. To a large extent, they are unspoken and individuals are even unaware of them.

The method of bringing the hidden family dynamics to light is to have a person from a group create the constellation of his or her family with the help of other group members. They represent members of the person’s family and are positioned in the room in relation to each other depending on how the person feels at that moment. In this way, a living model of the original family is created. By creating the structure or constellation of the family with the help of other group members, the relationships and operating laws within the system become visible. Through rearranging the constellation and using simple sentences the therapist supports an inner movement of the members of the family towards a new and healing picture that is more in harmony with a natural order.

Dwari has been working as a therapist for 30 years. She has been trained for three years in Breath Therapy with Prof. Ilse Middendorf in Berlin. Further training followed in Rebirthing, Bioenergetics, Primal Work and Counseling, Tantra and Energy Work, Family Constellation, as well as Somatic Experiencing. Meeting Osho in 1977 shifted her focus in life and work toward meditation.
She is a trainer in the Osho Breath Energy Training and teaches Family Constellation in different international therapy institutes. Her work with people focuses on inner transformation and holistic healing.


Body types with Dwari 12-19.2.2018 From Body Type to Original Being 1

Discover your body type as a resource to protect your essential self. Training in self-discovery as well as a learning process for people working with people.

Very often in stressful life situations we long for being authentic and in contact with our essential qualities. Basically we all have this ability but sometimes we are trapped in unconscious conditioned behaviour patterns which we have already learned early in our childhood. The conditioning happened so deeply that it shaped our body structure and blocked the energy flow in certain areas of the body that we grew into a specific body type. This body development created a rigid believe system also in our psyche and caused us to develop a lot of very limiting behaviour patterns.

What we need to understand: this prison of our conditioning has not only been a prison it also served as a very important function in our life. At the time when we were helpless and dependent it protected us and helped to adjust to sometimes unbearable situations. We have to realise, that all these survival strategies and defences are neither needed nor helpful in the present moment. Therefore we need to stop judging the personality structures we find ourselves in and open up for an exciting discovery of the incredible wisdom of our being. Sure we cannot change our childhood but we can transform the effect it has on us and free our body, mind and spirit from its limitations. We can become more humorous and playful with who we are and expand into creative and conscious behaviour.


According to the different developmental stages of childhood there are 5 basic body types one can develop into.

  1. Contact Type    (tendency to disconnect from the body, split from
    feeling, difficulties to feel the body and express
    feelings, often develops very unusual creativity)
  2. Need Type        (difficulties to connect with real needs and
    scared to express them. Strong ability to detect
    other people’s needs and fulfil them)
  3. Control Type       (afraid of intimacy and vulnerability, difficulty to
    trust that one can be himself in relationships,
    learned to find ways to get what one wants,
    without exposing oneself
  4.  Autonomy-Type  (being able to say no and have boundaries was
    impossible, vital energy and strong expressions
    had to be repressed, very patient and able to
  5. Love-Sexuality Type    (great difficulty to connect sex and
    heart, learned to be independent and

The exploration of this process will be an in depth teaching as well as a playful self-discovery into each body type.

– discover the body type you are

– explore the limitation as well as the resource it has given to

– find out the believe systems that came with each type

– re-evaluate your believes and open for change and new experiences

– become conscious of the behaviour pattern resulting with
each type

– learn flexible and creative behaviour patterns

– exercise to charge energy in the body

– exercise to discharge energy and emotion

– meditations for each body type

We will use bodywork exercises as well as breathing to support the transforming journey. Trauma work and guided meditations will be a tool for finding new resources and ground them in everyday life. Gestalt work and counselling support awareness in expanding believe systems and behaviour.


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Primal group with Premartha and Svarup 25.2. – 4.3.2018

This Primal group allows you to travel back in time to explore what painful situations in your past still affect the way you live and love today. It also brings you back to the many positive and inspirational moments that you have already lived, alone and with others. When you can recall with all your senses the situations in which you felt loved, seen, heard and supported, these imprints become alive again. They become resources. You will learn how to bring these resources to the past and transform it, and to allow the healing to happen also in your present life. An alchemy will happen. Your system will relax, and a new future will open

The split we carry, between what we feel inside and what we think we should be on the outside, needs healing. Inside us still lives a child, which was born full of natural gifts, overflowing with sensitivity and connectedness with existence and people. In the past, this child has not felt supported in its true nature, and has learnt to renounce its longings. This child is still alive inside us, asking us to be true to ourselves and others. When we welcome this child back into our adult life, a transformation can happen: anger becomes compassion, fear becomes trust.

This deep and intense exploration is moving further back in time, reconnecting with earlier life issues, such as birth, pregnancy and conception. It offers more and different tools to understand and release the most unconscious layers of our personality.

In this group you will be accompanied step by step back in time, through the stages of your development, recovering parts of yourself at each stage. You will experience the rules and roles that have been imposed on you by your surrounding, and how they have molded a false personality around you. You will be supported to express and release old emotions that block the flow of vitality in your body. You will explore your family setup with depth and compassion, completing what has remained unfinished. By healing yourself at the roots, you will have access again to your potential, and you can celebrate the lightness and freedom of being that is regained when the old weight you carried has dissolved.

The course begins at Elontuli -center on Wednesday 5th of April at 17.30 and ends on Wednesday 12th at 17.00. Let us know if you arrive already earlier or if you leave later (Extra: night 35e, breakfast 10e, lunch 14e and dinner 16e). You can find our location (map) by clicking the topic: Contact.

Price and booking

Booking happens by paying the group price (980e) or the first part of it (200e) to Elontuli bank account. It includes food and accommodation. Sheets and towels from us 15e. More info on registration page.


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Breathtraining module 3: Journey to the origin of life 15-22.4.2018

Diamond Breath° is a merger of Western therapy and Eastern meditation. It is rooted in the Psychology of the Buddha’s – the art of living totally and consciously. By shifting the focus of therapy from mind to meditation it opens for your inner world.
Deep conscious breathing is a way to enhance the capacity to relax and to enjoy life. The training teaches skills to work with the power of breath. It makes your own transformation the foundation of working with people.

You learn a variety of therapeutic, hypnotic and meditative breathing techniques to support great being and inner transformation. Dynamic Breath Integration allows you to grow from the roots in your body to the flowering of your soul.

Your life depends on the waves of energy created by your breathing. The way you breathe you grow in love and live your relationships. Your body-mind carries all the memories of your life experiences. The moment of your life’s creation left the first imprint in your breath and energy-body.

Prenatal Healing allows you to explore prenatal life all the way back to the Dance of Conception. When love becomes your inner breath you move beyond the circle of life and death. In meditation you reconnect to the Cosmic Breath. You become a master of breath!