Tantra Facilitator Training in Latvia Part 1: Basics of Tantra

22/11/2023 17:00 - 26/11/2023 17:00

Tantra trusts in your body. Tantra trusts in in your senses. Tantra trusts in your energy.
Tantra does not deny anything. Tantra trusts in you – TOTALLY.
Tantra does not deny anything but transforms everything,” OSHO

Tantra was born in the East and like yoga, it has been a path to enlightenment. Yoga is a path of physical exercise, way of a warrior, a more masculine path. Tantra has a more feminine approach. It is the path of acceptance and surrender.

Tantra is not a religion or a philosophy. It offers us different kinds of methods and exercises through which we can enhance our self-knowledge. Tantra helps us to find deep physical, emotional and spiritual contentment in our lives.

The basic understanding of tantra is that through accepting our own reality we can grow. Tantra says yes to life as it is. We don’t have to fight; instead we can relax with who we really are now and start our journey from there. Tantra teaches us to love and listen to our own bodies. It helps us to enjoy ourselves and our own energy.

Even though the roots of tantra goes back thousands of years, it is important to understand that the wisdom in it is accessible to us even today. We can gain new understanding, pleasure and acceptance to our daily life through tantric methods.

For us tantra is a journey towards selfawareness and self love. It helps us to find pleasure in our body, relaxing and becoming sensitive in many different ways without pressure and demands. Through tantric exercises we learn how to accept ourselves as we are; feeling and sexual beings. We learn how to love and listen to our bodies. Tantra helps us to enjoy our energy, ourselves and our partners. We can find new understanding, approval to our daily life and relationships by using the methods of tantra.

On our tantric journey we become more open and intimate. In this journey also tensions and emotional blockages what we carry in our bodies will became visible. In this training we create safe and heartfull space where we can start to heal our past and our unfinished history. It’s a healing journey where you can let go of the old conditionings and fears. It is a journey towards who you really are. It helps you to live your full potential.

In Tantra Facilitator Basic training you learn to know yourself more deeply. You explore your body and your sexuality through tantric exercises and meditations in a safe and confidential environment, respecting your own limits. It is a great opportunity to get to know your own body, yourself and share the experiences with others.

Tantra facilitator training

Tantra Basic training is a first step to go if you want to become tantra facilitator.
Tantra facilitator training is a 3 years process.

First year: Tantra Facilitator Basic training includes 3 modules each of 4 days. You can do the first year of the training as a groundings for Tantra Facilitator Training or only for yourself to open up to your body and your senses. It’s a journey for inner healing. You learn basics of tantra by fully participating and diving in to process. You will get Tantra Facilitator Basic Training certificate.

Second year: Tantra Facilitator Internship training includes 3 modules of 6 days where you will deepening the process. You will do same basic training process again by partly participating in process and partly supporting the process as assistant. There will be 2 extra days before every module only for internship and assistant trainees where you learn skills for working with people and groups. You learn and practice to lead active meditations. During basic training you will get every day meeting and teaching with internship team. You start to learn how to create and hold the space in the training process. You will get Tantra Facilitator Internship Training certificate.

Third year: Tantra Facilitator Assistant training includes 3 modules of 6 days where you will be assisting in training which means you are learning by working in the process. There will be 2 extra days before every basic training module (4 days) only for internship and assistant trainees. You learn skills for working with people as professional tantra facilitator. During basic training you will get every day meeting and teaching with internship and assistant team. You will get Tantra Facilitator Assistant Training certificate.

Tantra facilitator Basic Training

First module: Basics of tantra 22.-26.11.2023

Tantra is an individual approach towards reality” OSHO

In first module we will:

  • explore our senses through different tantric exercises and meditations
  • use breath to release emotional and physical tensions from our bodies
  • use breath to open and energize and empower our bodies
  • learn to use breath to help us to be in the present moment
  • learn how to set up healthy boundaries for ourselves
  • learn the laws of giving and receiving
  • learn to use playfulness as a door to presence
  • learn new ways to communicate with presence and awareness
  • increase our capacity to feel more pleasure and joy in our body
  • open up for giving and receiving from the place of our heart
  • make friends with our whole body and become more whole and loving towards ourselves
  • find abilities for deeply loving intimacy
  • use active meditations to support our journey

Second module
: Befriending our energy centers 13.-17.3.2024

“Tantra is a scientific approach. Tantra is alchemy. It can transform your centers; it can transform the other´s centers; it can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. That is the beauty of Tantra. It is like bringing electricity into your house” OSHO

In second module we will:

  • open and explore our chakras through breathing
  • learn to communicate from our different energy centers
  • open our chakras through sounds and movement
  • learn different kind of active chakra meditations
  • learn to mirror your body and our energy centers with our friends
  • learn a way to open and heal our energy centers to became more whole again
  • learn to read the language and messages of body in ourselves and in each other
  • explore our inner female and inner male polarities
  • explore dark and light masculine and feminine

Third module
: Tantric massage 16.-20.7.2024

“In our isolation and self-protection, we have lost contact with one of our most essential needs, the need for touch. Touch is a way of becoming intimate with others, it allows us to give and receive love, and it’s essential for our emotional, psychological and physical health.” OSHO

In third module we will:

  • learn the art of touching
  • explore the “wheel of consent”
  • learn the ways of communication around touch and massage
  • explore different ways of tantric massage
  • learn the way of massaging with your whole body
  • learn self healing through touch and different ways to massage your own body
  • explore energetic ways of touching and healing


The fee of the group is 680 €. The prices includes the teaching, food and accommodation.

Please ensure with us that there is still place available in the group. After confirmation book your place (for Basics of tantra 22.-26.11.2023) by paying the booking fee 300 € or full group fee 680 €. By paying the first installment, you agree to pay the full price of the course. The full payment must be paid at least a week before the group starts. The fee is non-refundable unless a medical certificate is provided. If you need to negotiate payment arrangements, please contact us.

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