Feedback from courses

”After the weekend I wonder how deep one can dive during those days. The atmosphere was loving. The way Pragita and Sudeva were holding the space made it possible to dive deep inside itself. It was energetic and gave more room to live, breath and be the one you are”

feedbacks from breathing course

”You guide courses very nice and unique. I liked all exercises. Breathing in circle activated my sexual chackra well. I liked when you bring your singing and piano into exercises, it brings and unique atmosphere. I also liked the night we played drums.

feedbacks from tantra course

Feedback from breathtraining

“Big thanks for the last. Words are not enough to tell how enormous experience this breath training week was. One of the greatest in my life. I cannot imagine better way to take care of ones welfare.”

“Big thanks of the fabulous breathtraining week.Amazing how it feels to be so much in my own power and present in the moment.”

“I didn’t remember to say thank you or glorify…breathtraining week with you has given me incredible help in daily life. Wild woman radiate greatfulness inside me…towards liberation !!”

“Thank you about the incredible breath training week ! I came back as a new being. Everybody around me has been amazed by what has happened to me. I didn’t know that one can feel this good. ”

Feedback from men and women from our tantra courses for couples:

“Thank you both for the amazing weekend. I believe we’ve gotten tools that will be with us for the rest of our life! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU <3 <3”

“Thank you for the weekend. We are both at awe for the light and happy feeling we reached during that journey. If someone had asked me a year ago whether I would go on a course like that, I would have said never. Now afterwards I’m mystified how did this actually happen. For a reason unknown to myself I didn’t hesitate even for a moment when my wife asked some months ago whether I would go on a course. Some force was pulling me towards it. Mystical. We got a lot out of the course.”

”Thank you Pragita and Sudeva. You managed to create an atmosphere where strangers fast became friends, even close ones, during the weekend. At the same time that closest person became, or rather returned, again by my side and in my heart. I am really surprised by how you managed to dig out the important stuff and to show with practical examples how to solve things and difficult situations. A big thank you goes to the whole group, we had a brilliant and in a brave way open atmosphere during the whole weekend. The journey of my wife and I will continue on the same skates but with new rules.”

”Pragita and Sufeva, a heartfelt thank you for the weekend’s tantric relationship school in Villa Christine! It was good to have a chance to stop and focus on each other without any other projects. We rediscovered the playfulness that had been lost in our relationship. Beneath the tears were also humor and laughter. Terrific! Have a great summer!”

“I’m writing this with my heart filled with gratitude. Your course was once again incredible, so full of wisdom, tenderness, love, acceptance, presence, challenge, epiphanies…So unbelievable! As I already said, YOU HAVEA GREAT GIFT FOR COUPLES! I wish couples would dare to play with their limits more and would search for help. I wish many people find you!”

“Tantra weekend was very remarkable for us! Too far gone to take it easy – it gave new perspective for future steps and for rearranging the puzzle of life, a feeling that it’s good to keep growing together from here. Actually for me it brought up the barriers I’ve had for complete commitment and surrender, and it also showed how to remove those barriers and go at it with a total attitude. Let’s continue from here!”

“You, Pragita and Sudeva, are so immersed in this work with your full hearts, that you make the hearts of the participants glow. The unhurried timings and schedule proved to be a real resource. Your way to facilitate is safe and enhances positivity. I got so much to take home that it will take some time to let it sink in. Thank you also for that. This course will enhance my/our quality of life immensely.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! A wonderfully relaxing and energetic weekend. We sort of found a new life and start for our relationship! Hopefully we get to come again. The weekend gave us some incredible strength and inner peace. We are so thankful that you have organized these courses and that you share your time and experience with us.”

“The course was surprising (positively) and helped to find the partner anew. Going outside your comfort zone is always challenging, but this time it happened easily and naturally, and the energy of the rest of the group helped to move forward. Mind was opened and connection to partner returned. With an open mind you find surprising things about yourself and your partner.”

“The course brought a lot of joy and help into our relationship. The place and the teachers were wonderful and the atmosphere on the course amazing. It was especially heartwarming that the course was translated into English. Thank you!!