Deep Breathing Weekend

with Breath Training Team



This weekend is suitable for everyone, come and begin your new year and a new you with us!

We have been asked many times for a WEEKEND of DEEP BREATHING and here it is, with a wonderful team of trainers and trainees! We are offering an EARLY BIRD price until 15.12.2022, what a great Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one!

This is a time to release the old from your life and make room for all that is new.

Our program includes deep breathing to open the body, active meditations, revitalizing encounters with others and deeply melting touch. We invite you to ground into your body and to find a presence and strength within yourself. The sauna and ice swimming experience will help to release the old baggage you may be carrying!

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Tantra for Couples Part 5


The Tantra For Couples Weekend Series (1-5) is designed to support, enliven and nourish the lives of those in a relationship. The step to come to a coupletantra course may be high but so far everyone has left the course with real satisfaction.

Our coupletantra courses (1-5) are designed to be conducted in numerical order, ie you can only participate in the Tantra for couples part 2 if you have attended Tantra for couples part 1, etc.

For courses for couples, we only accept couples living in a committed relationship. The weekend is quality time for a relationship. We create a supportive atmosphere in which the couple can focus on nurturing and deepening their relationship. You do not need previous experience of similar work. Whether the relationship is magic at the beginning, in the hills of happiness, edge of divorce … or something in between, you get the ideas to create a new kind of connection with your partner and wonderful exercises to take home.

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Tantra for Couples Part 2


With Couple tantra 2, we deepen our understanding of the body’s energy centers, the Chakras, and the tantric energy cycle. This weekend is a whole new adventure for your body and partner.

This course we only accept couples.

Life as a couple and as a family brings up many challenges nowadays. The intensivity and limitless possibilities are driving us into separate directions easily. Tantra course has been created to bring more joy, pleasure and deeper connection into the relationship- not to forget the playfullness.  We create a supportive atmosphere where each couple can focus on deepening their relationship. We can find also new ways how to meet our partner in connection and intimate life. For us tantra is pleasure of the body, relaxing and becoming sensitive in many different ways without pressure and demands. With tantric exercises we learn how to approve ourselves as we are; feeling and sexual beings. We learn how to love and listen to our bodies. Tantra helps us to enjoy our energy, ourselves and our partners.

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Family Constellation Training Part 3 with Dwari


This part is for those who have already done parts 1 and 2.

Family constellation is an effective and powerful way to recognize entanglement in the original and current family. Most often, unexpected solution oriented interventions bring relaxation and understanding to deeply rooted problematic situations. This allows love to flow again between family members and people who are important to us in our present lives.

Working with the energy field of the family we begin to recognize many traumatic experiences. Therefore it is extremely helpful to know how to deal with trauma and to be able to support the person to confront and discharge the affects that the trauma and shock have on their body and nervous system.

The Family Constellation and Trauma Work Training is led by top international educators Dwari and Svagito. This third 8 days is a section led by Dwari. Dwari has worked as a therapist for over 30 years. Her special areas are e.g. family constellation, deep breathing, trauma, primary, tantra and energy work. After meeting Osho in 1977, he combined meditation with her work. She works as an educator in international Breath Therapist Training in Italy and works at international therapy institutes around the world. Her work with people focuses on inner change and holistic healing. 

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist Training Part 5


This is part 5 and training is in progress, no new participants will be admitted during the training.

Biodynamic craniosacral is a holistic and gentle method. It is based on the understanding that the same force and wisdom which has created our perfect bodies organizes, fixes and takes care of our body through our entire lives. Biodynamic craniosacral treatment supports and strenghtens this inner force. It gives support to balance on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. It helps the system to return into the natural, original state of balance.

The therapist focuses to remain in a state of neutrality. The therapist does not act from the outside but rather listens and supports the systems own process of re-organization.

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Tantra Facilitator Training in Latvia

Part 2: Befriending our energy centers


This group is open for new participants!

“Tantra is a scientific approach. Tantra is alchemy. It can transform your centers; it can transform the other´s centers; it can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. That is the beauty of Tantra. It is like bringing electricity into your house” OSHO

In second module we will:

  • open and explore our chakras through breathing
  • learn to communicate from our different energy centers
  • open our chakras through sounds and movement
  • learn different kind of active chakra meditations
  • learn to mirror your body and our energy centers with our friends
  • learn a way to open and heal our energy centers to became more whole again

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Enneagram with Svarup


The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. It is an ancient method that describes the 9 stages (points) of any cycle in life (action, relationship, creativity, work…), and how and on which point our energy can get stuck (fixated), preventing us to complete that cycle and move on towards the new.

In this group, we will explore each one of those points in the light of Essence work. This work is based on learning how to experience the subtle essential qualities of life, like Love, Flow, Peace, Courage, Trust, Truth, etc.

Through the Enneagram understanding, early life experiences are the main reason for our energy being unable to move on and experience the rainbow of possibilities that life has to offer.

As small children, we felt that in our surrounding, one or the other of the main essential qualities (like for instance truth, justice, peace, bonding, etc.) was missing. Just because we couldn’t feel that quality in the atmosphere that surrounded us, we became blind to the fact that on a larger essential level, that quality was always there.

Out of that feeling of deficiency, we started developing a personality that is, still today, striving to bring that missing quality back in life, in our work and in our relationships. This compensating effort creates tremendous stress in our lives.

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Primal – Childhood Deconditioning with Svarup


In the primal group, you get the opportunity to travel back in time. You will get to explore what painful situations in your past affect the way you live and love today. It will also bring you back to the many positive and inspiring moments you have lived alone and with others. You get new kinds of resources in your life when you can remember with all your senses situations where you felt loved, seen, heard, and supported. You will learn how you can bring these resources into your past, allowing healing to take place also in your current life situation. Your system will relax and the future will open up in a new way.

We think we should look outward at something else that what we really are. Inside us still lives a child who was born full of natural gifts, bursting with delicacy and a sense of connection to existence and people. In the past, when the child has not felt supported with his or her true nature and has therefore learned to give it up and cover it up. This child is alive within us and hopes we will be honest with ourselves and others. When we welcome this child back into our adulthood, change can take place: anger becomes compassion and fear becomes trust. The deep and intense journey of exploration moves back in time, touching on previous problems in life, such as birth, pregnancy, and fertilization. It provides more different tools to understand and release the most unconscious layers of our personality.

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Osho Diamond Breath Therapist Training begins:

Breathing into Life!


The Osho Diamond Breath Therapist training is a journey of growth towards self-discovery and wellbeing. You can join the training for a personal wellbeing purposes, or with a professional goal of becoming a qualified Breath Therapist in mind. You do not need any previous experience of power breathing. You learn to work with breath and bio-energy of the body. You get to know the therapeutic method for stress release, emotional awareness and inner transformation. This training is a powerful and life changing experience which will open and relax your body and mind!

During this first week we will be working on grounding the body. We will be opening the body through the powerful Connected Deep Breathing Technique, Body Therapy, Bioenergetic Exercises and Active Meditations. We will be releasing the body from stress and tensions. You will become aware of your breathing, its rhythm and variability. You will also become familiar with the four breathing centres within your body.

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Body Types Part 2 with Dwari


This group is available for those has done the Body Types Part 1.

In these times of Corona and war in Ukraine so much fear is created in the collective. We often get triggered in old survival strategies and conditioned reactions which give us the feeling of being trapped and helpless. Instead we would need to relax into our essential qualities and act from an authentic resourcefulness. We have to realize, that all these survival strategies and defenses are neither needed nor helpful in the present moment. Therefore, we need to stop judging the personality structures we find ourselves in and open up for an exciting discovery of the incredible wisdom of our being. Sure, we cannot change our childhood but we can transform the effect it has on us and free our body, mind and spirit from its limitations. We can become more humorous and playful with who we are and expand into creative and conscious behavior.

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