Tantra was born in the East and like yoga, it has been a path to enlightenment. Yoga is a path of physical exercise, way of a warrior, a more masculine path. Tantra has a more feminine approach. It is the path of acceptance and surrender.

Tantra is not a religion or a philosophy. It offers us different kinds of methods and exercises through which we can enhance our self-knowledge. Tantra helps us to find deep physical, emotional and spiritual contentment in our lives.

The basic tenet of tantra is that through accepting our own reality we can grow. We don’t have to fight, we start with our state as it is instead. Tantra teaches us to accept ourselves as we are as feeling and sexual human beings. It teaches us to love and listen to our own bodies. Tantra helps us to enjoy ourselves and our own energy.

Even though the roots of tantra go back thousands of years it is important to understand that the wisdom in it is accessible to us even today. We can gain new understanding, pleasure and acceptance to our daily life through tantric methods.

Tantra courses

Tantra For Couples – Towards joy and pleasureLife as a couple and as a family brings up many challenges nowadays. The intensivity and limitless possibilities are driving us into separate directions easily. Tantracourse has been created to bring more joy, pleasure and deeper connection into the relationship- not to forget the playfullness. In the course Pragita and Sudeva are creating a loving and supporting athmosphere, where couples can relax and find a new way of connecting. We can find also new ways how to meet our partner in connection and intimate life. For us tantra is pleasure of the body, relaxing and becoming sensitive in many different ways without pressure and demands. With tantric exercises we learn how to approve ourselves as we are; feeling and sexual beings. We learn how to love and listen to our bodies. Tantra helps us to enjoy our energy, ourselves and our partners. We can find new understanding, pleasure, approval to our dailylife and relationships by using the method of tantra.In the tantra course we:

  • find a new connection with our partner
  • find ability for deeply loving intimacy
  • use breath for energising and empowering our lives
  • move towards ecstasy of our bodies
  • search for healthy boundaries and good communication
TANTRA FOR SINGLES – Towards joy and pleasureIn tantracourse for singles  you can learn to know yourself and  about your sexuality with tantric exercises and meditations in a safe environment respecting your own limits. It is an amazing opportunity to get to know your own body, yourself and share the experiences with others.  Exercises are done as female- male couples, allways with different person.Most of us have a deep longing for an intimate relationship and pleasure of the body. By finding approval and love towards ourselves and our bodies we can create healthy and nourishing relationships. With deeper understanding and self awareness we learn to make decisions that bring us new kind of  wellbeing into our lives.In the  tantra course we:

  • become sensitive to all our senses
  • make friends with our whole body and become more whole in ourselves
  • use breath to energise and empower our lives
  • find abilities for deeply loving intimacy
  • move towards extasy of the body
  • search healthy boundaries and good communication
  • open up for giving and receiving from the place of our heart