We are organizing International wellknow therapist groups and trainings here in Elontuli. We are greatful to thease people supporting us in to our personal journey and teaching us great skills to work with people.

Pragita ja Sudeva 

After academic life we have been walking on the way of the Deep Breathing, Tantra, Family Constellaton, Cranio work, music and meditation 30 years guided by indian mystic Osho. By walking this path of self-knowledge we have end up to share our journey and experience. We have been sharing already 20 years deepbreathing- and tantracources and trainings. We are part of the Osho Diamond breath facilitator team. We have been living 27 years extended familylife and relationship school with each other. Music, playing piano to Sudeva, singing to Pragita and music teaching has also been, and still is, big part of our journey and life.

Dwari has been working as a therapist for 30 years. After studying in Cologne and Berlin she started working as a teacher for five years in Berlin. She has been trained for three years in Breath Therapy with Prof. Ilse Middendorf in Berlin. Further training followed in Rebirthing, Bioenergetics, Primal Work and Counseling, Tantra and Energy Work, Family Constellation, as well as Somatic Experiencing.Meeting Osho in 1977 shifted her focus in life and work toward meditation.

She is a trainer in the Osho Breath Energy Training and teaches Family Constellation in different international therapy institutes. Her work with people focuses on inner transformation and holistic healing.

Read more: www.dwari-lifeskills.net.

Chintan Veet

Chintan Veet’s own life journey gave him a first-hand experience of the profound self-healing capacity of the body. It was the beginning of a long exploration into the field of healing arts. In 1992 he started his formal training in bodywork. Very quickly he became an accomplished practitioner and teacher of Rebalancing┬«, a form of deep tissue bodywork. This solid understanding of the human structure, and a continued interest and fascination with the mystery of the human form led him to craniosacral therapy. This new modality brought a different understanding and wider dimension to his work.

Svagito Liebermeister

Svagito is a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher who has been a disciple of the enlightened mystic, Osho, since 1980. In his courses and training groups he combines Western therapy methods with Eastern methods of meditation, and is known for his clarity and heartfulness in teaching and supporting people in their personal growth.

He holds a degree in psychology from Munich University and has been working with people therapeutically since 1981, while continously studying a wide range of therapeutic methods including Deep Tissue Bodywork, Neo-Reichian Breathwork, Psychic Massage and Male-Female Energywork, Counseling and Trauma Therapy (SE). In 1995 he began to include Family Constellation in his work, studying with its founder, Bert Hellinger, and since 2000 he leads his own training programmes in this fascinating approach to therapy. His other training programmes specialize in Neo-Reichian Breathwork, Counseling and Male-Female Energywork and Trauma Healing (SE).
He has trained hundreds of practitioners worldwide in the art of working with people from a space of meditation and lovingness. For many years he coordinated the two-month Osho Therapist Training Programme at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, one of the largest personal- growth centers in the world. Every year, he travels extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Central and South America, offering courses and training programmes in over 15 different countries.
Svagito has published three books, which have been translated into 9 languages.


Prem Shunio is originating from London. She travelled to India in the seventies and her training in awareness began whilst living close to Osho for fourteen years, as part of his household. She has been practicing Osho’s meditations for over thirty-five years.

And now shares her experience, facilitating meditation courses and groups for women, as she travels to many countries. She also conducts trainings for people who would like to teach meditation to others.

Music, dance and celebration are an important part of Shunyos’s work, and this coupled with her intuitive heartfelt way of working, allows participants to touch very deep levels of peace and silence.

Her book: “Diamond days with Osho” has been translated in eight languages.

Read more: www.meditantra.com



Veet Marco is musician and seeker of the unknown. In 1979 he becomes disciple of the enlightened Master Osho and since then has been experimenting with sounds and music applied to meditation.

From 1995 he has been playing live for events and growth groups all over the world. He has composed many meditations CDs available on this website. These meditations are ancient tantric liberation techniques.

Read more: www.meditantra.com