ISTA Level 2

27/07/2022 09:00 - 02/08/2022 17:00
Elontuli Kurssikeskus
Address: Merkniementie 94, 09120 Karjalohja (Lohja)

SPIRITUAL… SEXUAL… SHAMANIC… each of these three areas alone carries enormous potential for liberation, freedom, love, and joy, as well as charge for shadow and misuse of power. If you are ready to transform your life, this experimental 7-day training is for you!

Thousands of people on 5 continents in over 40 countries have attended ISTA trainings over the past 10 years.

Many have been radically changed by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious and more loving ways of being.

What is ISTA?

The vision of ISTA is to expand consciousness and sexuality across the globe. We are a movement that brings a knowledge base and provides resources to everyone, especially practitioners and guides to enhance their skill sets in all aspects of life mastery. We do this in the form of bringing conferences, events, and trainings to all regions, tapping into the pulse of each culture thereby becoming the thread, or ribbon of intention, connecting these experts around the world. We do this by working with life force energy, the beginning, middle and end of everything. We as humans connect the spirit from above, through our bodies as conduits, to earth below, and in this embodiment of all that is, can experience the essence of universal love

For more information about ISTA Level 2 in Finland  visit www.ista.life or www.istafinland.com.

Registration and investment


Book and register here at: ista.info.finland@gmail.com. After sending your e-email you will receive all the details needed to make the payment.

A fee of 500 EUR is required to secure your spot, and the rest to be paid before 30.5.2022. From 19th of June 2022 full payment of your ticket fee is required to save your space.

The deposit is refundable up until 19th of June 2022 minus an admin fee of 150 EUR. From 20th of June 2022 the deposit is still transferable to other ISTA trainings minus an admin fee of 150 euro.


Investment includes tuition, shared accommodation, delicious vegetarian and vegan meals, and taxes. Tuition excludes any incurred costs getting to and away from the venue and possible additional purchases made at the retreat. No single rooms available.

  • Regular 1950,- euro
  • Early Bird: 1800,- euro
  • Repeaters 1500,- euro
  • Assistants 1100,- euro Earlier Level 1 experience, (Level 2 preferably).

Book and register at ista.info.finland@gmail.com and you will receive details for the payment. By paying a deposit of 500,- euro you secure your place.