Trauma and Family Constellation Week with Dwari

28/08/2023 17:00 - 04/09/2023 17:00

The Family Constellation and Trauma Work Training is led by top international trainers Dwari and Svagito. This third week of training is led by Dwari. You can participate in this week, open to all, as a self-discovery process or for professional reasons. The training is on the one hand a deep personal journey and on the other hand it imparts the basic theoretical and practical principles of family constellation work. It also provides trauma work with practical tools that can be used in everyday life and counselling work.


As we work in constellations with family energy fields we begin to identify many of the traumatic experiences experienced by all family members. During this week we will learn how to process traumatic events. We will learn how to support the one who is doing the constellation and how to face and release the effects of trauma on the body and nervous system.

Trauma Release Work

We all need loving, nurturing and sexually satisfying relationships. Usually intimate relationships bring up a lot of unresolved traumatic memories in the body. Family constellation therapy is an effective and powerful way to identify and untangle entanglements in the original and current family. Most often, unexpected solution-focused interventions bring relaxation and understanding to deep-rooted problems. This allows love to flow again between family members and people who are important to us in our present lives.

Traumatic experiences in the family include:

  • The sudden death of a parent or sibling
  • a difficult, life-threatening birth
  • divorce or separation
  • violence in the family
  • physical and psychological violence
  • sexual abuse

These and similar traumatic systemic events have a tragic impact on the family. Moreover, for the child in the family, these events can be so intense that he or she is left in a permanent state of physical and emotional shock. In constellation work, these shock states are touched and can be activated. It is therefore important that the facilitator has the skills and tools to help the client stay present so that they do not sink back into the emotional drama of the past.

A huge amount of life energy is always committed to the trauma. It takes a safe space and a lot of resources to enable the client to feel this life energy and release it back into their lives. When this is possible, the body and nervous system can relax and it is much easier to connect more deeply with the family’s events. Through constellation work, we can find a way back to the child’s original strength and mature from there.

Some tools to work with:

  • Identifying systemic and personal trauma
  • understanding and recognizing the symptoms of trauma
  • empowerment
  • slowing down
  • grounding in the here and now
  • supporting self-regulation of the body
  • working with bodily sensations -the importance of safety and boundaries

Moving “above” the family field and from blind love to conscious love is part of a growth process that creates a deep connection to life and nourishing solitude. It is from this connection and solitude that we can build our relationships on a healthy foundation.

The Osho Family Constellation Training is based on meditation and is rooted in deep acceptance and respect for what is, rather than aspirations for healing. This is the point where therapy ends and meditation begins.

Instructor Dwari

Dwari has been working as a therapist for 40 years. Her areas of expertise include family constellation, deep breathing, trauma, primal, tantra and energy work. After meeting Osho in 1977, she incorporated meditation into her work. She is a trainer at the International Training Course for Breath Therapists in Italy and works in international therapy institutes around the world. Her work with people focuses on inner transformation and holistic healing. You can read more about her on Dwari’s website www.dwari-lifeskills.net.


The course starts on Monday 28 August 2023 at 5 pm and ends on Monday 4 September 2023 at 5 pm.

Price and payment details

Please contact us first to make sure there is space available for the training. Then pay the first instalment of the training fee of € 300 or the full training fee of € 1250 (= early bird until 30.6.2023) / € 1350 (from 1.7.2023).

Beneficiary of the payment.
Account number: FI50 5236 0420 1001 95
Message: Family Constellation 28.8.-4.9.2023 (and the name of the participant, if different from the payer).

The price includes meals and accommodation. By paying the first instalment, you commit yourself to paying the full training fee. The fee will be refunded only in case of illness, upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate. The final payment is due one week before the start of the training.

The training will be in English and translated into Finnish if needed.
We will send an information mail to the participants before the training starts to explain the practical details.

We warmly welcome you to join us!

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. For more information, contact Pragita +358 50 5575563 or Sudeva +358 50 5834473, elontuli@elontuli.fi, www.elontuli.fi